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A Solar Event

August 10th, by dev-team

In his new book, The Sun’s Heartbeat, Bob Berman writes an expose on the Sun. He starts with the human quest for knowledge of the Sun. Ancient civilizations, the Greeks, Galileo and all the science heroes and heroines all played a role to bring our current understanding to light. The Sun, it turns out, is every bit as mysterious and divine (meaning being responsible for our creation) as the Egyptians thought. The various ways the light, heat and energy of the Sun are intrinsic to our own being is worth discovering. It’s exciting to realize that we are a solar event.

Berman explores sunspots, magnetic fields, carbon, invisible and visible light, skin cancer and vitamin D, astrology, color, sub atomic particles, eclipses, auroras and anthropocentric climate forcing (a.k.a. as global warming). And then further reveals the nature of coronal mass ejections, gamma rays and the future of the Sun. Mind boggling! Highly recommended for those that want to get in touch with the Sun.

In his DVD, Canticle to the Cosmos, Brian Swimme explains how we are a solar event. The chlorophyll molecule captures the sun. Complex life flourishes because of this activity. For example, our vision is dependent on the chlorophyll molecule; it enables us to see. When you look out at the Sun (not directly please!) you are the Sun seeing itself.

In The Powers of the Universe, DVD Swimme describes the interaction between the Sun and the Earth. Particles from the Sun, gravitons and photons, enable the Earth to stay in relationship with the Sun via gravity (gravitons) and provide the energy for life to emerge and develop (photons). This power of the universe Swimme refers to as Radiance. It’s a beautiful way to understand ourselves as a solar event.

Thomas Berry used to say that we are primarily cosmological. Everything else, whether it’s your race, nationality, occupation, role as a father or mother, all of these identities comes out of the billion year development of the universe, of the Sun and Earth. We are a cosmological event of the universe just like the galaxies, stars and planets. We are a solar event as are the single cells, jellyfish and birds. We are an Earth event as are the mountains, oceans and air. Our challenge is to see ourselves as a mode of being in a developing and powerfully creative universe.