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Would you like to hear the story?

Would you like to hear the story of the universe? Would you enjoy immersing yourself in the immensities of time and space, where a speck of pure energy expanded for 14 billion years to become everything we can see around us?

And would you like to hear the story of the continents and the oceans? And how flowers changed the world? How Earth was completely molten lava and then one day brought forth fish?

It is a wonder to go through the eras of life—the first cells and then the eukaryotes and then the Cambrian explosion of life in the ancient seas followed by the forests marching across continents. And then the mega fauna. And then us.

This story will be told in many ways, by many people. Each version will likely be unique to the storytellers’ culture and place and personal individuality.

And with all this diversity, this story will also provide a way in which the human species can approach a common understanding of the magnificence that brought us forth, a common understanding of how we can move forward into a vibrant new era of planetary life.

The story provides a way in which all people on Earth can come into a common understanding, a way of beginning to see how to move forward in a vibrant way of life.

Cultural historian Thomas Berry was a person who awakened many people both to the beauty of the natural world and to the pathological destruction taking place in every ecosystem. When his listeners would ask him what they should do, Thomas would reply, “There are 10,000 things that must be done, and one of the most important is that we learn the story.”

One pathway into learning this new story of Universe and Earth is to join with Brian Thomas Swimme in any of these immersive, mind-expanding videos, available now both on DVD and Web Streaming formats. Click here to browse Videos.

Here is a path of discovery that will forever change your perception of life and the cosmos, a path that will take you even more deeply into your own creative role in the reinvention of the human at the species level.