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What if I experience problems with video playback such as pauses or skipping?

Like all video websites, playback problems typically occur when there is an interruption to, or not enough bandwidth in your internet connection. Some things to try:

Be sure there are no other computers or devices on your connection doing bandwidth intensive tasks such as downloading, online gaming, or watching videos.

Playback interruptions can occur when not enough of the video has loaded to play smoothly with your internet connection speed. Therefore, it may help to pause the video and give it more time to load before beginning playback, or after you reposition (by rewinding or forwarding). If this doesn’t work, try reloading the web page.

Restarting your computer, quitting applications, or upgrading your web browser may also help. If you haven’t upgraded your web browser in a while, you might consider upgrading to one of these modern browsers (both are free):

Mozilla Firefox –
Google Chrome –

If none of these suggestions help, you may need to contact your internet service provider and see if they have a faster bandwidth plan available.

You may also request a refund for your order within the first 30 days of purchase. For more information, see our Refund Policy.