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Great Moments in Time

June 20th, by dev-team

From a single quantum of energy at the beginning of time the entire universe pours forth. The universe expands and cools. Atoms form.

Massive clumps of atoms form into majestic spirals and ellipses. Stars burst forth in the newly formed galaxies.

Supernovas blast the galaxies with new elements.

Cygnus Loop Supernova

Out of one supernova blast comes our Sun and Earth.

Life emerges on Earth.

Cells organize and fill the oceans.

Oxygen is produced and metabolizes life.

Cells complexify into plants and animals such as seaweed and jellyfish.

Brains and the nervous system are developed.

Out of the reptiles come the mammals. It is not until the dinosaurs were eliminated that the mammals could blossom.

Flowering plants appear.

And then come humans.

In the DVD series, Canticle to the Cosmos, hear Brian Swimme describe these and many more significant moments in the story of the universe. Canticle to the Cosmos takes you on a journey into the quantum realm of matter and energy and out to the large scale structure of the universe. He tells you how the earth was formed, life emerged and humans developed. It’s a breathtaking account. It’s our story.