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The Story of the Universe—A new way of knowing ourselves and our story

June 29th, by dev-team

The story of the universe presents a startling new picture of our origins and journey over time. No one could have imagined what we now know of the universe, the earth and humans a couple of hundred years ago. It’s a total surprise.

The story of the universe is based on the scientific discoveries of the past few centuries. Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Freud and Einstein are but a few of the familiar names associated with the most significant undertaking in human history—the scientific endeavor.

Brian Swimme in his DVD series Canticle to the Cosmos describes from a scientific perspective how we humans came to be.  It’s a fantastic account of time, space, energy, matter, stars and people. The Canticle includes the earth and the life around us and places the human in the context of a cosmic event.

In The Earth’s Imagination DVD Swimme depicts the human species on a commensurate level with the atmosphere, the oceans, the continents and the biosphere. We are now a major player affecting all life. This is our challenge and our opportunity.

In The Powers of the Universe DVD he shows how the dynamics that organized the universe are alive within us. Allurement, Emergence, Cataclysm, Radiance course through the stars, the earth, nature and humans. We find our way by learning about these powers in our lives.

Dr. Brian Swimme is a cosmologist, professor, author, producer and public speaker. His work in cosmology, the study of the universe, has resulted in 3 DVD programs: Canticle to the Cosmos, The Earth’s Imagination and The Powers of the Universe. And most recently, Journey of the Universe, a 60 minute film for television which debuted on June 11th, 2011 on PBS, KQED San Francisco.