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The Universe and the Human

July 10th, by dev-team

Look around you. All the people, trees, birds, water, land and the sky—everything you see came out of the vast, wide universe. In the beginning, a single quantum of infinitesimally tiny energy brought forth hundreds of billions of galaxies each with two hundred billion stars or more. Solar systems formed around some of the stars. Life burst forth on at least one planet as single cells—over 3 billion years–became fish, trees, mammals and humans. What a fantastic story! We’re just now beginning to take it in. What does it mean to be human as part of a 13 billion year event? How does this new understanding of how we came to be, change our perception of ourselves? The universe is creative. The universe is the architect of life and organizes itself into ever more complex beings with deeper and deeper structures of perception. Humans are one of the more recent developments of the universe. With our capacity for conscious self awareness we can now reflect back on the universe. We can make out the general contours of a stupendous journey in time.  Is this what the universe was doing all the time? Taking itself through myriad stages of development so that it could know itself in the minds of one particular species on a rare planet?