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Inspired by the work of Thomas Berry, Brian Thomas Swimme and Bruce Bochte founded the Center for the Story of the Universe. The Center offers award-winning videos to expand our collective consciousness and redirect the current self-destructive trajectory of society towards a vibrant community that transcends individual, human and geo-political boundaries.

The major institutions of the modern world, including our schools and universities, our corporations, our religious organizations, and our legal systems are in transition. We realize all of them are implicated, in various ways, in the ongoing distortions of climate and ecosystems. The question for any concerned person is how best to assist the transition.

The driver of this change is the discovery of a time-developmental universe. Each being in the universe is a fourteen billion year creation. As we absorb the fact that humans are cousins to every living being, modern industrial mentality loses some of its grips and a cosmological, time-developmental consciousness begins to emerge.

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